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Guilford Christian Academy will be sponsoring the 2nd Annual Homeschool Expos this year (2012). One will be in Bangor,  Maine and the other will be in Caribou, Maine. The purpose of these events is to encourage homeschoolers in different parts of Maine. Our desire is to provide a place for homeschoolers to showcase their home businesses, sell their used curriculum and display and sell their crafts as well as network and fellowship with other homeschoolers. While the public will be invited to attend the sellers are all homeschool families and some businesses and services that homeschoolers would be interested in. There are still booths available.


You will find information about each expo on this website, thanks for stopping by.

Email from an attendee in Central Maine.
Dear Mrs. White,
Our family wanted to thank you for hosting the Expo yesterday. We had a
wonderful time there. All the vendors there were very personable and the
children were delightful. 
If you are planning another event for 2013, I would like to offer my help in 
“getting out the word” in my area. We had such a good time that I 
want to make sure folks in this area (Ellsworth) hear about it. Perhaps I 
could put up fliers and the like.
I read your website and am very interested in your NAPS alternative. Please 
contact me because what you are offering sounds JUST what our family needs!
Thanks, again, for yesterday. Please contact me with details about your academy. 
Irene D.

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